Updated February 15, 2018
Neighborhood Mission: 
To preserve the historic and residential character of the Fisher Park neighborhood, and to work with the City of Greensboro to maintain the scenic park for the benefit of the general public.
preserving our past -- embracing our future
Fisher Park Neighborhood Association       P.O. Box 2004       Greensboro, NC 27402       www.fisherparknc.org
Fisher Park Neighborhood
Once you've joined the neighborhood Yahoo e-mail list, you are welcome to send e-mails to the Fisher Park e-mail list.  Simply use your normal e-mail program and address your e-mails TO   fisherpark@yahoogroups.com.   To unsubscribe from Fisher Park's e-mail list at any time, send an e-mail addressed  TO  fisherpark-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com
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Fisher Park Neighborhood Board and Committee contact information is updated each year and printed on the back page of each Fisher Parker newsletter.  Please remember that all Fisher Park Neighborhood Association representatives are volunteersYou are invited to volunteer, too!
2- Join the Fisher Park Neighborhood FACEBOOK site.
As internet communication options increase, our neighbors have several communication options.
You please choose one or more communication paths that suit you.  Because individual neighbors choose different modes of communication, and sometimes choose several, you may see neighborhood posts in multiple places.  Three (3) options presented below are in order of historical use, not presuming your order of preference.

PLEASE REMEMBER ... when you wish to respond to any neighborhood commumincation, you have the ability to reply to the individual vs. reply to the entire group.  Please use your best judgement and always be respectful in your reply. 

1- Join the Neighborhood E-mail List via Yahoo!

To join our free, unmoderated Fisher Park Neighborhood Association e-mail list hosted by Yahoo,
enter your e-mail address below, then click the blue "Join Now" button.  If asked for a user name and password, simply MAKE UP a Yahoo user name and password and WRITE THEM DOWN in case you need them another time. Follow additional instructions on Yahoo.  Lastly, while still at Yahoo, click on Create/Edit Profile.  There you instruct Yahoo to send all Fisher Park e-mail messages to YOUR normal e-mail acccount. Soon you'll automatically receive Fisher Park Neighborhood e-mails at YOUR own e-mail address.  If you want help please ask Genie Schwartz to help you join the Fisher Park e-mail list.
3- Join the Fisher Park Neighborhood NEXTDOOR site.

Visit https://fisherparknc.nextdoor.com and follow NextDoor instructions to join.
NextDoor offers you the ability to see a map of our neighborhood, and to choose only specific
Categories of information you want to see or post to (such as Classifieds, Crime/Safety, Free Items, Lost & Found, Recommendations, and General stuff.)  You may also choose to see posts from other neighborhoods.  City of Greensboro Police also use NextDoor to post items they feel are of immediate or high importance.