Updated June 1, 2017
Neighborhood Mission: 
To preserve the historic and residential character of the Fisher Park neighborhood, and to work with the City of Greensboro to maintain the scenic park for the benefit of the general public.
preserving our past -- embracing our future
Fisher Park Neighborhood Association       P.O. Box 2004       Greensboro, NC 27402       www.fisherparknc.org
Fisher Park Neighborhood
FPNA Board Meeting Minutes
Each month's Board meeting minutes are available AFTER they are typed by our neighborhood Board's volunteer Secretary and then approved at the next month's Board meeting.  November/December Board meetings are combined due to holidays.  The annual meeting is the 3rd Sunday of November, 4:00 p.m. 

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FPNA Board minutes
Access an archive of prior Fisher Park Board minutes since 2003.
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Landscape Management Policies
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