Updated March 19, 2017
Neighborhood Mission: 
To preserve the historic and residential character of the Fisher Park neighborhood and work with the City of Greensboro to maintain the scenic park for the benefit of the general public.
preserving our past -- embracing our future
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Fisher Park Neighborhood
“It should also be noted that this property is on the very edge of the area associated with the Mixed Use Central Business classification and the property is a contributing structure within the Fisher Park Local Historic District, and has strong association with the neighborhood rather than the downtown core.

The subject property is physically separated from the downtown core by currently undeveloped property and an elevated roadway that severely restricts clear connections to the higher intensity development and activity associated with the downtown area.

This is further reflected with the lack of urban amenities (clear pedestrian connections, public parking facilities and the like) that support the higher levels of scale and intensity associated with downtown. The elevated Murrow Boulevard roadway between this property and other properties contiguous to the downtown core serves as a significant barrier between the subject property and the downtown area, as reflected in the current boundaries of the Downtown Design and Fisher Park Historic District Overlays.

Given these physical constraints and lack of urban amenities and infrastructure
a rezoning to the Central Business (CD-CB) district does not appear warranted at this time.
[City Planning] Staff recommends denial of the requested CD-CB zoning district.
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Photos show neighbors cars parked on a
typical quiet Sunday morning. 

Leftwich Street, Sunday, March 5, 2017.
Parking is allowed only on the right side.
Residents’ cars line the entire street.
South Park Drive, Sunday, March 5, 2017.
Parking on both sides effectively narrows the street
to one lane.
Magnolia Street, 600 Block at Leftwich, Sunday, March 5, 2017.
Parking is tight on both sides of the street.
NO REZONING in the Fisher Park Neighborhood!
The Rezoning Situation
You Can Help!
1.  Call and email City Council today!    <<< Click each link. (<<< Not needed now with PUD compromise.)

2.. Call Cheryl Pratt at 336-202-6543 and ask to pick up a NO Rezoning sign at 910 Magnolia Street.  Signs are free but leave a donation if you can.  Sign income supports this cause.  (<<< Not needed now with PUD compromise.)

3.  Attend the March 21, 5:30 p.m. City Council meeting, 300 West Washington Street to stand in support against Central Business rezoning.  Note:  It is possible that the City Council rezoning meeting may change to April 18th.  Any rezoning date change will be posted on this page, on the FPNA NextDoor site, and on the FPNA Listserv.  (<<< Not needed now with PUD compromise.)

4.  Contact your Fisher Park Neighborhood volunteer Board of Directors and Committee leaders to share your thoughts.

5.  Donate to the Fisher Park Neighborhood to aid this effort!
City Planning Staff recommended against rezoning!
The Central Business District (CBD) rezoning request for 507 North Church Street has been withdrawn.
This is very good news for the Fisher Park Neighborhood!  Based on the recommendation of legal counsel secured by the FPNA Board, a compromise agreement has been reached between the seller, potential buyer,
and the FPNA Board. With removal of the CBD zoning request, the property will reboot with
Planned Unit Development (PUD) zoning.
PUD zoning retains current zoning yet allows limited other uses to be specified, including uses as a special event center, art gallery/museum/library, and bed and breakfast. 

This zoning is better suited zoning for the property and neighborhood versus CBD zoning.  PUD zoning classification and conditions are tailored to neighborhood issues of concern and avoid setting a bad precedent of CBD zoning encroachment into Fisher Park. This approach allows for specific City-enforcable restrictions such as an offsite parking plan and addresses traffic, hours of operation, and noise.  We still have a substantial way to go to confirm/formalize this new approach and ensure it carries the right mix of conditions and enforcement authority.

As a result of this agreement, we will NOT attend the Greensboro City Council meeting
Tuesday, March 21, 2017. FPNA Board members will pick up the “Protect FPNA – No Rezoning” signs
to preserve for future use if needed.

The Fisher Park Neighborhood board and multiple residents have worked tirelessly to protect our neighborhood.
Once the final agreement has been completed, we will publish the document.
Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Todd McCain
President, Fisher Park Neighborhood Association
UPDATE:  Sunday, March 19, 2017
Rezoning request withdrawn!  Negotiations proceed!
No need to attend City Council meetingTuesday March 21!